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10 Effective Tips for Healthy, White Teeth

26 Feb 16 

Everyone wants to get that perfect smile to flaunt their pearly white teeth.

Let’s have a look at 10 effective tips to have that healthy, white teeth.

#1: Follow a Tooth Friendly Diet

It’s essential to follow a healthy diet that will keep your tooth stronger and white. Try to include foods rich in vitamins, minerals like fresh fruit and vegetables that they can help to prevent gum disease. And if you can’t control your urge for coffee, wine or cigarettes be sure that your teeth won’t be white any longer. These can stain and diminish your white teeth. Even if you go for foods that stain the teeth, make sure that you brush immediately right after having them.

#2 Brush Twice a Day

Hygiene is the inevitable thing for healthy, whiter teeth. In order to keep them safe from bacterial attack, you need to brush at least twice a day. Be it the first thing to start off your day and the last thing to end it,  in terms of a healthy routine.

#3 Go for fluoridated Toothpaste

Use a fluoridated toothpaste. The fluoride content can strengthen enamel, making it less prone to decay. But make sure that you use it not in excess.

#4 Reduce Your Sugar Intake

Excess sugar intake can cause cavities as Bacteria in dental plaque change sugars into acids.

Especially for kids, chocolates and candies are extremely irresistible. Be sure you brush after having them.

#5 Floss Daily

Floss your teeth everyday to keep them clean. It’s advised to go for a slow and gentle sawing motion.

#6 Rinse or chew gum after meals

Apart from brushing and flossing, rinsing is also an effective way to stay away from dental problems. Go for an antibacterial rinse after meals that will certainly help prevent decay and gum problems. Chewing sugar-free gum after having meal is also a simple way to protect tooth by increasing saliva flow, which naturally washes bacteria away and neutralizes acid.

#7 Use Teeth for Nothing Else Other Than Chewing

If you use them to crack nuts, remove bottle tops or rip open packages, you risk them for breakage.

#8 Protect Them From Injury

A slight negligence can lead to heavier damages. But you know that nothing can really replace your natural teeth. So take care of them. Whenever you can have safety measures to protect them, never ignore. For instance, wear mouthguard or full- face helmet while playing sports.

#9 Limit Soft Drinks

It’s good to avoid soft drinks that the acids in it soften tooth material and dissolve the minerals in tooth enamel, resulting in tooth cavities. In severe cases, teeth may be ‘eaten’ right down to the gum.

#10 Regular Dental Check- ups

Make it a habit to have regular dental check- ups. Don’t wait till you have a toothache or bleeding gum to visit your dentist.

These are the few simple steps you can effortlessly follow to have that strong & shining teeth. Won’t you try them to see the difference?