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Full mouth implant rehabilitation steps - Susmitham dental clinic

26 Sep 16 

1)This patient reported with an upper removable complete denture retained with precision attachments on the roots of his canines. He was feeling insecure and wanted a fixed prosthesis. He was happy with the esthetics. 

2)A Cone Beam CT(CBCT) was made to evaluate the quantity and quality of the available bone. Six areas were identified to place the implants. The canines were retained.

3)The abutments were secured to the implants. The abutments and the canines were milled and made parallel.

4)The jaw relations were identified and the location for placing the teeth was identified. The old denture was used as a guide.

5)A temporary denture was fabricated and cemented till the permanent one was ready.

6)The permanent fixed denture was fabricated in metal ceramic.

7)The permanent bridge was evaluated for fit and esthetics.

8)The Occlusion(bite) of the patient was then evaluated and necessary adjustments were done and the bridge was cemented.

9)Successful full mouth implant rehabilitation involves meticulous attention to details. The identification of what the patient wants and recognition of what can be delivered is essential.