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Loss of teeth – The Sequelae and Solution, Implant Prosthodontics28 Sep 16 

The damage that loss of tooth can bring about in one’s life is well recognized. While early detection of problems and timely intervention to prevent tooth loss is the best solution it is usually very late by the time we recognize it. It usually...

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Full mouth implant rehabilitation steps - Susmitham dental clinic26 Sep 16 

A patient reported with an upper removable complete denture retained with precision attachments on the roots of his canines. He was feeling insecure and wanted a fixed prosthesis....

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Loss of Teeth- The Sequence, Consequence and Solutions26 Sep 16 

Loss of Teeth- The Sequence, Consequence and Solutions, Presentation by Dr. Vinod Krishnan, Susmitham Dental Clinic ...

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5 Foods for Strong And Healthy Teeth2 Mar 16 

A balanced diet is essential for the health of your teeth. As per American Dental Association’s  (ADA) researches, one of the principal areas to decline when your diet is less than ideal is your dental health. Here are 5 nutritious additions to ...

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10 Effective Tips for Healthy, White Teeth26 Feb 16 

Everyone wants to get that perfect smile to flaunt their pearly white teeth.Let’s have a look at 10 effective tips to have that healthy, white teeth....

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