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Dr. Vinod Krishna is one of a kind dentist, he is totally dedicated to his profession. In my experience he is flexible in allotting time, and super efficient in putting in implants. I have gotten several implants placed by him. Because of his skill, dedication to work and genuine knowledge of advanced dentistry I have taken the trouble to come all the way to Kochi, India from the U.S.A for my dental work. I will keep doing this in the future. His team also is an excellent one. When an efficient professional is also compassionate then there is none to surpass him

- Rajshri - 26 Feb 2016

Having found Dr Vinod was a miracle for me. I came to India to have a few implants and was treated at first by a glossy but exploitative practice. I was desperate to seek honest and impartial advice. Susmitham is just the opposite: modest and unassuming. Dr Vinod cares about the whole patient and not just their dental history. He also has superior medical and technical knowledge and is willing to share it. I have been treated for nearly two years, returning for surgical extraction, bone implant, tooth implants, crowns and alignment. Very grateful for all the support!

- Ester - 26 Feb 2016

Wonderful Dr. Vinod did it again! I was assessed by my insurance dentist who told me that I need several root canals and possibly an extraction. Came to see Susmitham Clinic in a pessimistic mood and a lot of pain. Dr. Vinod analysed the teeth one by one and gradually fixed multiple bad old fillings. He said that cavities are not that near to the root so no need for root canals. Be prepared that sometime he may also tell you that this tooth should not be touched, I do not want to charge for non essential dental work. I have emerged with restored teeth without disruptive procedures like root canals. Feel fantastic.

- Ester - 11 Jun 2017


- ASWIN - 19 Sep 2017

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